Extra produce? Ample Harvest!


I was reading the Kitchen Gardens International newsletter this morning (I have grown super fond of this awesome organization), and it was asking the same question - what do we do with all this extra produce?

I know at the cabin, we are busy canning... and freezing... and canning some more... and eating!... and sharing, and yes - giving away.  My Dad has brought so much fresh produce to the local food shelf, they know him by name.  This is obviously a wonderful, good thing.  My own pantry is too often lacking in fresh food and I have the means and access to good food - imagine the reality of the local food shelf which often is the recipient of the store-bought cans that we never seem to use up.   There's only so much one can do with canned corn, people.

Did you know that an estimated 100 billion pounds of food - enough to eliminate hunger - is thrown away every year in the United States?

Now's our chance to share all of this plenty, and ensure that everyone has access to fresh, good food.  Enter Ample Harvest.

This great organization's mission is to connect people like you and me who happen to have prolific gardens with those who could use all of that extra food.  I HATE - absolutely HATE - for food to go to waste.  But sometimes it's just a pain in the keister to figure out where to send it when it's much easier to just throw it in the garbage/compost... which is a crappy excuse, but convenient.  So.  Let's not let all of the fruits of our harvest end up rotting in the back of the fridge.

Let's give it away!