Top 10 Cabin Garden Moments of 2013


Yep, like so many people out there, we want to recognize the blessings and hilarity of 2013 with a top 10 list - the top 10 Cabin Garden Moments of 2013.  It's been a big year of growth and learning for us.  Here are some of those stand-out moments: #10:  We started experimenting with sharing the garden through video... like this one:

Cabin Garden June 13 Video Update from Sally K Zimney on Vimeo.


#9:  We started an herb garden, and made these out of them!

The Herb Garden


#8:  We got a lot better at taking photos of our garden food!

Here's a photo from a year ago:


And here's a recent photo:

Asian Slaw 6 A shout-out to Lindsay and Bjork over at Pinch of Yum, and Food Blogger Pro.  I have learned so much, thanks to them!  There's more to learn, of course- but it's fun to see the progress.

#7:  We celebrated four years at Camp Koering.

Take a peek at this video of me and my kiddos prepping for Camp... Ha ha.

Camp Koering Rouser from Sally K Zimney on Vimeo.

#6:  One of our ginormous zucchinis got kind of famous.  Another Pinch of Yum shout-out!  Hey-o!

Lindsay Big Baby Zucchini #5:  We started a Companion Planting series... There's so much more to do here, but glad we got it going... Here, a lovely pic of green beans and corn, working together:

Green Beans and Corn

#4:  We convinced Michele to start writing with us!

Friends, this is awesome.  I am super excited to do more with Michele-my-bell this year.  She is a natural, and I love to share.  And sharing makes this whole adventure that much more fun.  Yay!

#3:  A hummingbird came strangely close to us in the garden.  Not gonna lie, it was a magical moment.


 #2:  We grew the most giant(est) plants ever.  This photo, in particular, won us some new friends.  I mean, how cute is Jer-Bear?!  So cute.  And the turnip's pretty amazing, too.

Giants 1

#1:  We whacked our tomatoes, and they rewarded us with a bajillion of them.  I am exaggerating only slightly.  With those tomatoes, we made Tomato Oil, Cabin Garden Salsa, Spicy Cucumber Salsa, Garlic Crust Grilled Pizza, Garden Fresh Italian Eggbake, Harvest Chicken Chili...and CG Benefactors (aka, friends/neighbors/anyone we could pawn our food off on) made some of these.  Pretty awesome.

Cabin Garden Aug Harvest

It's been quite a year.  We feel lucky.  Thanks for being a part of it!