Today's garden visitor: a hummingbird!

Today's my birthday!  And just look and see who came to visit in the garden... this sweet little hummingbird visited the garden this morning, and stayed for quite awhile.  Long enough for me to take some (read: hundreds of) pics.  Taylor, my sweet niece, tried enticing it with her cut flowers, and it was intrigued enough to stick around for quite some time.  Here are my favorites: Hummingbird in the Garden 1 IMG_2403 IMG_2406 IMG_2412 IMG_2417 IMG_2418IMG_2423

IMG_2425 IMG_2434So magical.

My Dad thinks it must have been a baby Hummingbird to stick around for so long and hang so near us.  What do you think?  Are there any bird-watchers out there?  A baby?  Just a super-friendly Hummingbird?  Or is this what they do?

Whatever the reason, I loved those precious minutes with my birthday hummingbird.

Hope you are experiencing some magic in your garden today!