Today in the Garden

We shared this amazing garden with some friends who haven't had the chance to walk it themselves...

Jer-Bear talked "garden-talk" - like he does.

We gaped at the cabbage.  At one point, we wondered if a little Cabbage Patch Kid might jump out of it; It's that huge.


We peered behind giant squash leaves to find dozens of blooming squash, and watermelon, and zucchini... soon there will be hundreds... and there aren't enough sugary bread recipes to accomodate that.


We walked the serene and lovely walk from the cabin to the garden.  We didn't bother with changing out of our swimsuits.  That's the great thing about the cabin: we can just go where the spirit takes us.


We tried to express how tall these corn stalks are.  This lovely young lady is going into 6th grade... and the corn is WAY taller than her.  She thought it was super cool, and we agree.