Today In Our Kitchen Dehydrating


  What a great way to store your vegetables for the winter:  Dehydration!  Here are some pictures to illustrate how simple it is!  Included today are the first four steps illustrated in pictures.  Look forward to the last steps in a short time.  The results for dehydrating vegetables are plentiful.  A few to mention: Storage is compact, preserves more flavor from the vegetables and the dehydrated vegetable can be utilized in so many additional ways.

Carrots from the garden                                 Luscious Carrots from the garden prepared for preserving!!


Slicing the Carrots                                              Convenient appliance to slice the Carrots.

sliced Carrots                                            Pot full of sliced carrots ready for par boiling!!

Par Boil                     Step Four:  Par Boiled Carrots Ready for the Dehydration and Preservation.

                          The final four steps to preserving carrots by dehydration coming soon!