The Radish Recipe Challenge Results

Adam will eat it!  And he did.  Here's what he ate:

Radish Sandwich Recipe #1... and remember, I warned you.  This is not going to be pretty.

Slice radishes

Put them on yummy bread, with

Butter and Salt

Adam says it's "not bad."  He finished his plate, so it couldn't have been bad at all.


Radish Sandwich Recipe #2...Jer-Bear says this one is "stupendous."  Hmm.

Slice radishes

put them on yummy bread, with

horseradish sauce, and salt


Adam says, "Mmmm.  That was good."

Have I mentioned that Adam will eat anything, and appreciate it?  Just in case, let me re-state: Adam will eat anything, and appreciate it.  So... there you go.

I feel kind of silly posting those recipes, since it requires one ingredient, a piece of bread, a condiment, and salt.  But this is what people do with radishes.  I guess.

I think it's important to note that the "yummy bread" that we used is my mom's homemade protein bread, recipe forthcoming.  It IS delicious, and it makes me wonder how this whole experiment would have gone had we put those radishes and the other two ingredients on a piece of cheap grocery store bread.  My guess is it wouldn't have received the same reviews.

Oh well.  Me and the fam are tired of thinking about radishes, so we're going to let this one be for now.

Next up?  Lettuce!