The Radish Recipe Challenge

So Jer-Bear's radishes have gone crazy.  Crazy!  There are many of them.  They keep growing.  Some of them are embarrassingly large.  But I think they're kind of pretty--all bright pink and crispy and fresh.  Here's the latest peek at this week's harvest of radishes:

And, as mentioned in a previous post, what do you do with radishes?    
They are spicy and crunchy -- and these ones are especially spicy and crunchy -- but, still.  There are only so many things you can do with radishes.  Am I right?
So my Dad and I were talking about this, and as with most things, there's a story to go along with his thoughts.  And he told me about his Dad (my Grandpa), who LOVED radishes.  My Dad LOVES radishes.   I don't tend to see radishes as something that people love... something people eat sometimes, sure... but to LOVE them?  Hmmm.  Well, my Dad and Grandpa LOVE(d) them.  So.  What did they do with them?
They made sandwiches.
We're going to share their sandwich recipes on here.  But, I must warn you: you may not want to try them. To be fair, you might try them, and you might like them. But you might just want to read about these radish sandwiches, and then move on.  I mean, I love my Dad - he's the absolute best - but he has almost no minimum standard for food.  He doesn't cook; we don't let him.  If he does "cook" it's really that he grabs a bunch of stuff from the pantry and puts it all together in a bowl and eats it and says, "That was good."
But we're going to share their recipes and then make my big brother, Adam, eat them.  For tradition's sake.  (Adam will do nearly anything for tradition's sake.)  And because, kind of like my Dad, Adam loves food and will eat almost anything.
So, stay tuned.  The Radish Recipe Challenge will soon commence.