The Garden Update: July 2012

A general update:

Tomatoes... they are thriving.  My Dad's having a hard time keeping up.  See this post as to why.

The Potatoes... are struggling with a bug that my Dad is going to update us all on in the next week or so.  Bugs happen, of course - but it's too bad, because as you can tell by the above sketch of the garden, we have a lot of potatoes.  So, not sure what will happen with them.

The Squash is giant. And there's still eons of room for them to keep going.  Which they will for quite some time.

The Radishes are still coming up (but as I've mentioned we're tired of talking about radishes, so never mind them).

And my Dad is really pleased with how the companion planting is coming along.  (This picture below shows a bit of this experiment... and we'll post more on companion planting soon.)

And my Dad is convinced now more than ever that the lake water has such a tremendous impact on the growth of these plants.  Fish emulsion is expensive, and this is why!

The prolific garden continues...