The Family Garden



I had posted our concerns regarding managing the garden this year under the post, “Gardening With A Disability-The Choices We Face”. We have made a decision to have our family manage the garden.

On Memorial Day weekend the entire family prepared the garden and planted all the garden Items!


What an operation!  We divided the planting and row preparation and within four hours we were near completion of the entire 90 X 60 foot plot. We had a few touch ups to complete the next day.  The Family Garden was complete by Monday, Memorial Day.

IMG_0070 (3) I thought I was quietly providing planting advice. Some suggested I got a bit bossy. I admit, it was difficult for me to not jump out of my chair and dig into the ground. It sure is in one’s blood to attack the ground and prepare it for spring planting.


It was heartwarming to see our families working together to make sure we have a garden in 2015.  The garden plantings are smaller compared to past years. We know the constant need to weed and care take requires more time than most of my family can offer. However, it is still a large garden and will offer us much challenge to care take.

In a future post I will provide a map of the garden and why we decided to include items.

IMG_0052We also started a system of mulching with commercial mulch to limit garden care. We plan to add the organic mulching as the summer progresses.

I will have a post out in the next day or so to discuss the advantages of mulching.

I will follow up in future posts on how the garden is progressing. We welcome your comments.