The Camp Koering Video 2013


Like all things up here, we have to remind the kids that 'this is not ordinary,' even though the cabin experience is a routine part of their lives... It's not ordinary to have access to a beach like this; it's not ordinary to walk into a garden this size, and stay in a cabin like this!  We are so lucky.  We are so lucky.  We are so lucky! And frankly, sometimes I worry that the kids don't realize how awesome this place is. (Doesn't everybody have a cabin they go to? Um, Nope.) But when you watch this funny and sweet and goofy video that my husband Andy made (and which has become an annual tradition)... it both serves as a very clear reminder of how blessed we are and what awesome memories we're making up here.

But the best part?  Watching this all together in the living room last night - after the hours and hours and hours of work that Andy put into it - it seemed as if we all knew how truly extraordinary our experience up at the Cabin Garden really is.

Camp K • 2013 from Andy Zimney on Vimeo.