The Camp Koering Rouser


People.  It's T-5 days until we start our fourth annual (fourth?! third?!  I really can't recall at this moment) "Camp Koering" up at the cabin.  Essentially, in order to keep chaos to a minimum while maximizing adult "time off," we created a camp schedule, of sorts, to keep the TEN (yes, count them, TEN) grandkids occupied over several days around the fourth of July.  We have had so much fun doing this... my family is nothing if not willing to entertain so there's been lots of fodder for our annual "Camp Koering movie" that my hubby Andy creates. (And, if you've got 20 minutes, here's the one from 2011, too...) Basically, it's so much fun that I am already mourning the year that the oldest kids say "this is sooooooo 2013" and walk away from us while chomping their gum.

Last year, we created a camp "rouser," and I took it upon myself to try and get a little video going about it... to remind the other little kiddos about it, but also because I thought - hey, this isn't so bad! - maybe this could be fun!

Ahem.  Well, I leave that judgement up to you.

Camp Koering Rouser from Sally K Zimney on Vimeo.