The Cabin Garden July Update

Helllllooooo!  Time for a Cabin Garden summary for July.

Cabin Garden July Update 1

We started off July with the best of the best up at the Cabin: a few fun-filled days of the now traditional Camp Koering.  It's cousin time.  It's garden time!  It's jumping off the dock time!  It's having too much fun to bother to go inside to pee time!

Cabin Garden - PeeingAlrighty-then!   Well, you don't want to miss one single moment.  Not one. single. moment.

Because there's a lot of this:

Jumping off the Dock

And this:

Camp Koering

Yeah, It's pretty much cousin-heaven.

But, of course - these kids are not the only ones who are literally growing up in front of our eyes.  Oh no.  July is about major growth in the garden.  Take a peek at the Tomato area in early July:

Cabin-Garden-July And now look at it, from late July - a mere two weeks between photos:



And we did some harvesting, which I find to be so rewarding!  It's not rocket-science but it's awesome: My Dad plants them; the kids and I pull them out of the ground; then we make delicious food out of them. Excuse my gardening-geekiness, but WHA?!  It's sooo super cool.  So far we've started harvesting Kohlrabi, Radishes, BeetsLettuce...  and a few others that I can't remember right now.

And soon, we'll have more cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, jalapeños, onions (ETC., ETC.!) than we know what to do with.


And these next few weeks are all about harvesting, canning, storing, cooking, recipe-ing, sharing... There will be a bountiful harvest. We are lucky, and also feeling a little nervous. Can we handle all of this?  To help, and ensure that we are able to utilize (and share, and give away, etc.) all of the harvest, I think I'm organizing a little canning shin-dig up at the cabin. I mean, why not, right?  There's work to be done; we might as well do it with wine!  [That's Kate, above, my friend who joined us for a weekend of fun/weeding.]

Kids in the Cabin GardenThe best part?  Watching the kids get excited to see the garden grow and wander out there and try new foods and enjoy the whole process.

July: you were delightful and summery and productive and so much fun.  August: you might kick our gardening butts.