The brilliance of the outdoor shower

This cabin garden is by (and by "by" I mean ON) a lake, with a gorgeous and lovely and large beach.  It's about 100 degrees today, so we're spending a LOT of time down on said beach.  And when all 20 of us scamper up from the beach and into the cabin, it gets gross, fast.  We pile the kiddos into the nearest bath tub or shower and then spend weeks trying to get the sand OUT of the tub/shower. So, a year ago or so we found an article on how to build a solar outdoor shower in our Cabin Life magazine.... and we thought: this is the answer to all of our plumbing problems.  Plus, dude, it looks awesome.

My husband Andy is a handy guy, and he took on the task. Although this project started a year ago, there were some roofing issues that took precedence (that's a whole nother story for another day week), but this week it finally came to fruition.  Check it out:

The concept is pretty simple: there are two lines running into the faucet.  One is the hot (by being run via the roof, where it gets warm), and one comes directly from the tap (the cold).  The hot water doesn't last forever, but the cold water felt unbelievably awesome on a hot day like today.

It's come in handy for us adults... like when Michele was cleaning up after the kids painted frog habitats for Camp Koering.  (More on that later.)

And here are some of the kiddos, washing off their cute little feet after getting them dirty (like they do):

I know this is not technically garden-related... but it is definitely cabin related.  We're feeling pretty proud of ourselves.  Well, to be fair, Andy's feeling pretty proud, and we are basking in his awesomeness.