The Benefits of Trying Different Types of Tomatoes

frozen whole tomatoes 3

In the past two years I have  planted 25 different types of tomatoes.  Exciting new types as well as standard types most seasoned gardeners know and trust. My exuberance for growing all types is a bit over the top.   Yet, each year I cannot resist trying a new type of tomato.


Linda Tomatoes and Basil What have I learned and been able to apply to future tomato planting plans? The variety offers a larger list of recipe options.  Although one could say that a tomato is a tomato, the varieties provide different looks and taste to salads. The variety of plants have created new and enticing recipes.Cucumber-Salsa-Prep-2 My tomato garden has become enormous with more than 100 plants in 2013 and also in 2014.  I do have favorites that make up the majority of plants. Some of these are: Roma, Big Boy, Beef Steak, Lemon Boy and the smaller tomato, Grape tomatoes.  Without experimenting each year, some of the above would not be a yearly selection.  My new favorite lists grows yearly.

Tomatoes on the Vine

Although my purchase of an overload of tomato types causes anxiety on how to care for them, I do believe that the outcome has provided me with a quality selection of types for future gardens.  And it is always fun to see the differences in tomatoes. In future posts, I will zero in on the types I have planted and the results in production. I welcome your experiences on the types I list as well as suggestions you experienced both negative and positive.Tomato Corner 2013