Prepping the Garden for Winter


What a pleasure!  To say we are done with the garden till spring!!  Or are We?  Not  until you prep the garden for NEXT SPRING!!  Yup!  Get the organic stuff down as well as any manures you prefer and work them in to the soil.Preping the garden with hayThe hay bales we put in piles this past spring are now spread as a top mulch.  Yes, it is a lot of work, but what a pleasure we will have next spring to see the mulch mixed in so well with your soils.  And it is all done without any chemicals.  Organic gardening!  I love it! Haul it awayBut Wait!!  What did we do with all those left overs??  Tomato plants, pepper plants, carrot tops and on and on? There is just too much chance of left over bugs and disease.  My vote is to haul it off the garden area and place in a pile away from the garden.  This winter when you want a little bonfire.  This will do the trick.

More to do?  Yes fellow gardeners..we do.  More in the next post on prepping the garden for a good toasty home for all those mulches.