I had decided not to plant potatoes in my garden again.  Too many of those determined ugly potato bugs.  The only healthy way to get rid of them is to squeeze (finger pinch) everyone of them.  Spraying them with chemicals just does not sound healthy.

143742045Nothing seems to get rid of the ugly beatles permanently.  You can squeeze them off the plant everyday, spray that unhealthy spray on them or let them die off.  None of these methods really work.  So I decided to quit potato raising plants. Sadly, no more garden raised potato to enjoy!

2380817Talk about delicious!! 

This past month I visited with a garden expert at our local garden store.  She suggested a procedure to raise potatoes and NOT HAVE POTATO BEATLES!!  I have decided to try it.  This post will demonstrate the process.  I will keep you up to date during my experiment this summer and fall.

Step One:  Items needed to complete the "No Bugs Potatoes"

Potato Items to useThree items are necessary:   Potting Soil Mix, A good sized Pot & Seed Potatoes!  I decided on the red potatoes for this experiment. Cause, I think they are "JUST the best tasting!!"

BlissTriumph-DRed Seed Potatoes.   I learned from research that you should cut up the potatoes the day before you are planting  This gets the potato a head start on it's "journey" to germination.

Step Two:  Choose a good sized pot and fill the base with potting soil.

Potatoes wait to germinate

It is recommended we use potting soil.  Soil will not pack down and become too wet or dry.

As suggested in Step One the potatoes have been cut and can now be placed on the potting soil.   Place another 2-3 inches of soil on the potatoes.

Potatoes in pailAfter placing the potatoe halves in the pot, cover and water well.  Wait for the potatoes to sprout.  Continue to cover the sprouts until the dirt is near the top.

I will send pictures of the progression of the potatoes in the pots AND also let you know how the production of those wonderful tasty red potatoes.

I am very interested in this working.  It could also be used for anyone that wants home grown potatoes but has limited garden space.