Seedling Planting Equipment


Hello again from the Cabin Garden! In the last Cabin Garden post we stated our intentions to plant our own seedlings this year. This post will review the seedling equipment utilized. You could get by without the items I have listed however, these items make the job just a bit easier.


1) Space to handle the project: A must! This project takes up room.

2) A pan with no holes in the bottom: Base will hold the seedlings and water. Be sure there are no leaks.

3) Seedling trays: Four sizes available depending upon soil options.

Pan 3Two type of pans: (1) Holds water  (2) Seed & Plant Trays

4) Watering tool: A sprinkler can that has spray and pour options.

Water canThis type has the long narrow spout to feed the seedlings  & the sprayer at the top. (looks like a duck head!)

5) Soil for seedlings: Commercial soil for seedlings or “jiffy” pellets.

DirtSeedling soil mixture on the left..texture drains well and is an airy mixture.   Jiffy Pellet on the right swells up with moisture and is the base for seeds when germinating.

6) Heat pads: 20 X 20 pads or larger to heat up the jiffy pellets and seedlings as they germinate.

Heating padWarms the rooting area to improve germination and rooting.

7) Planting tools: Scissors, Tape, Tweezer, Jiffy Pellet, Measuring Cup, Indelible Pen, Label and Tooth Pick.

Tools 2Tools for seed placement: Measuring cup holds seeds and helps carefully drop seeds into Jiffy pellet..Tweezer picks up seeds and helps "brush" seeds out of cup..Tape to reseal seed packets..Indelible Pen to write on label..Label to identify what you have planted !!!  Tooth pick..holds the label in Jiffy Pellet & Scissors for just about everything you might want to cut!!

8) Artificial lighting: Some type of lighting instrument. Do not depend upon the sun unless you have a green house or outdoors area with controlled temperatures.

LightingI have two Grow Light Systems. The one above is three level. Helps eliminate "legging" & provides warmth.

9) Shelving: Holds plant once they no longer need the artificial lighting.


ShelvingA shelving unit holds plants as you start moving them outdoors to "harden" them for the outdoors.

After doing this project on several different scales, I chose equipment based on making the process easier to manage. In the next post I will go over the process of planting the seedlings and caring for them into their germination stage.

  • funSeedlings start sticking their heads out of the jiffy pellets!! Yeh!!

The Fun Begins!!