February: Party Food From the Garden


February! You are here!

Potato Parsnip and Apple Soup 3

Loved January's soups.... This and this and this and this and this.  So yummy!  Seemed like the perfect month for it, given our polar vortex craziness and the 8 million days off of school. So now, on to February!!

February is normally a month I look forward to. There are always so many fun things that make this month great:

  • It's short, so before you know it we're in March and spring is around the corner.
  • Valentine's Day! If I can remember all the classroom Valentine's Day goodies and stuff and find a sitter so Andy and I can hang out... It's awesome.
  • My son's birthday!  Family party, classroom party, friend party... lots of parties!
  • The Oscars... Yes, it reminds me of all the movies I've been too busy to watch - but then I can figure out which ones I can aspire to watch.
  • And this year: the Olympics! I loooove me some universal world awesomeness.
  • Oh, and the Super Bowl of course. Although that's not really my thing, Cath and my brothers wouldn't miss it!  I hardly paid any attention at all, actually, assuming it's not really all that interesting... turns out I was prophetic this year.  :)  BORING.


(Like this cutie. YAWN. This was my general feeling about the Super Bowl...besides eating yummy food and hanging out with friends, that is... )

But this year I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the happenings in February. Add to the above list two huge work events that I am creatively responsible for and my husband out of town three–count it–three times and the kids' activities ramping up and really no wiggle room in the schedule and me coming down with a cold–oh, and I'm supposed to be training for a 10-mile race that's a month away but I can't seem to find the motivation (why oh why did I sign up for that???)....Well, I need to focus on the day in front of me and focus on some FUN.

For me, hanging w people is a stress-reliever. So, this month we are focusing on two things:

  • PARTY food from the garden.  Garden to table to party!  Perfect for all that celebrating.
  • and, looking ahead: PLANNING for the garden. Perfect to escape the polar vortex and pretend it's actually spring.

Because we're almost at that time, people. March and April are big gardening months here in the north, so we're hoping to step back into that mode a little bit this month, and ramp up to more gardening info here on the blog, thanks to the one and only JER BEAR!

Giants 4

And his one and only talent with the garden!  Can't wait to share more with you this spring and summer about what's happening in OUR garden with the hope that it helps you with yours.

So, who's ready to party?