Our New Year's Resolution: Build More Snow Forts

We spent a wonderful, wintery, windy, COLD week up at the cabin.  (The garden is completely covered in snow, by the way,  and you can hardly tell there is anything there.  Now THAT is a strange sight! )  So instead, we spent time focusing on the other side of the cabin... the side that is bombarded with snow, and leads downhill to the beach!...

The first two days we were up there were a balmy 30 degrees.  It was awesome!  With two feet of snow (at least) and warm winter temperatures, we spent most of the day outside, sledding, playing...

Xmas Cabin 5

New Year's Eve was classic - kids drank kiddie cocktails (here is Luke, sipping on sprite for the first time in his life... awesome) - and had dance parties...And parents enjoyed some of the adult bubbly.

xmas cabin 6

We played games... lots and lots of games... because it was SO COLD OUT.  So cold.  (Admittedly, it is colder NOW - just a few days later - but it was still -10, which made going outside difficult.)  Wow.

But, before the temps dropped to below zero, the hubby Andy built a snow fort.  Not just any kind of snow fort.  A huge snow fort.  An EPIC snow fort.  So epic that six adults fit in it comfortably, amid a toddler Dora table and chairs.  It took him nearly a day to build (giving it some time to settle and freeze), and he probably burned 2000 calories. (While I watched. Ha.)  But wow.

Snow Fort

In that snow fort, the kids played... and the adults played!   :)....  Honestly, the adults spent more time in here than the kiddos.  It was the perfect midnight NYE locale for bringing in the new year.  And we created some wonderful memories that will imprint Christmas/NYE 2013/2014 at the Cabin forever.

And that's my resolution for 2014: to work to create something that helps bring us all together a little more.  My own metaphorical snow fort.  And it will take some hard work, some time - but that's ok.  It will be worth it.  Because if it's a true snow fort, we'll be in there together, imprinting this next year in our memories forever.