Let's Talk Tomatoes.

The tomatoes are going nuts.  Last year my Dad planted 30 tomato plants, and we had boxes and boxes and barrels and barrels of tomatoes.  After we couldn't can any more, another several hundred tomatoes sat and ripened up in our various basements, taking up all available space while we made soup and sauce and salsa and anything else we could think of, til it was coming out of our ears.  It was yummy and fun and a great experience all around - AND we had plenty of canned gifts for Christmas, Arbor Day, and simply to celebrate the neighbor finally potty training their toddler.

Yay!  You mowed your lawn!  Want a can of tomatoes?!?

Because it was all so fun and delicious, this year Jer-Bear planted 70 tomato plants.  70.  SEVENTY.  SEVENTY!  SEVENTY!!!


Holy crap.

Here: a peek at the tomato corner!

Now we're talking about selling these suckers.  Who knows, but we'll have to think of something, because I tell you, there is such a complete difference when I open up a jar of canned tomatoes from last summer and add them to my cooking.  It's YUMMY.  And I'm not a very good cook.  But it just tastes better. Fresher. Tastier.  There is so much more flavor. Plus, so much healthier.  And who am I to argue with healthy, tasty AND easy.  WHAT?!  Why don't more people do this?  Oh, maybe because they don't have a bajillion tomato plants.

So, although the canning team (my Mom, Heather and myself) are looking slightly panicked at each other when we imagine ourselves trying to deal with the fruits of these tomato plants, it will be worth it.