Jer-Bear Recommends: Atlas Fit Gloves

Jer-Bear swears by these gloves - the Atlas Fit Gloves.  Have you seen Jer-Bear's hands?  They are huge.  Ginormous.  And these gloves?  They fit him!

But they also fit me and my... um, delicate?...hands.  (Well, my hands are delicate compared to Jer-Bear's.)

They breathe, they're sturdy, they're strangely stretchy and tough, and they grip super well... and bonus: your hands aren't sopping wet and sore when you're done pulling weeds because your gloves are made of some sad, sad cotton that can't keep up.

Jer-Bear's made good use of these gloves recently, as the weeds have started taking over in the garden.  They're so big, some of them look like small trees.  (A lot can happen in a week in this garden, people.)

So these gloves?  They're getting a lot of use, and we like them.  Thought you might, too!

Next up?  The early August update, and some new harvests from the garden.