It's Up: Lettuce

Look at this beautiful bowl of lettuce!  (The bowl is cute, yes; but it's the lettuce that's stealing the show.)

There's more coming, too... Green leaf lettuce (above), Purple Bib Lettuce, Romaine... and more.  We can't even remember what kinds we planted.  Surprise!  It's some kind of leaf!  A delicious bit 'o ruffage!  Salad, anyone?

We eat a yummy salad basically every night around here, but I've been wanting to try a friend's salad on her amazing blog, Pinch of Yum.  Everything she posts looks delectable, I tell you.  EVERY.THING.  And this is no exception, the Honey Walnut Power Salad.   I mean, just look at it.  YUM.

Or, of course, we can do what we normally do, which is to harvest some lettuce fresh from the garden, and throw a bunch of yummy veggies into it, douse it with dressing, and devour.  It almost makes you want to eat healthy all the time!