Harvesting Lettuce 2013

I'm working on a July gardening update for ya'll... but I've been having so much fun creating recipes - and sharing them - and cooking them - and eating all the vegetables that are now coming up in the garden... I haven't had much time to think about the actual garden that is giving us these veggies! Lettuce 1

We started this season's planting later than in the past because the weather here in Minnesota was sooooo weird and cold so late in the season.  Even when Jer-Bear started planting in early June, he was worried about temperatures being too cold for good growth. But all seems to be doing well - just later than expected!

So it's fun to see things really start to get on a roll. This is such a fun time in the garden: to walk out there and see all kinds of vegetables and flowers and new growth - especially when it's only been days since the last time we were out there.  Amazing growth can happen in such a short time.   And that's what happened with the lettuce.  All of a sudden there was so much of it!  We had to get in there and get it before it became too "tough."

photo 21

So out we went, coffee in hand.  (Ok, I don't drink coffee–my Mom does–but I love the idea of walking out to the garden with a cup of coffee and plopping it down because there's lettuce just waiting to be picked.)

Lettuce 3And the best part?  I bagged up tons and tons of lettuce to give away to friends, rellies, neighbors.  And of course, a few bags ended up in our fridge to entice me to eat salads all week.

photo 23

It worked!  (Mostly.)  You don't need anything fancy when you have lettuce fresh from the garden.