It's a Family Affair

Just to be clear: I do not know how to garden very well.  Nor am I a good cook.  I just happen to have some minimal writing skill, a good camera, and an interest in documenting all of this chaos. Luckily, my Dad is a gardening GURU, with very little writing skill (no offense, Dad).

And luckily my Mom loves to take the food from the garden and make delicious meals with it.

And luckily the grandkids love to stomp around and pull up vegetables and help can and eat all this yummy food.

Enter This Blog.

This little garden project my Dad started is becoming a family affair- which is awesome.  And all the little grandkids are pumped.  Just look at these muddy little feet.

I love those feet.

And these feet, too:

And this beautiful sight... cousins, heading to the garden, together:

That right there.  This is what it's all about.  Yes?