How to Grow Giant Produce


We have a few giants in the garden this year.

Giants 5

This zucchini that I gave to Lindsay at Pinch of Yum - or this hubbard I gave her a few days ago (that you can see on her Facebook page) - and piles and piles and piles of huge produce that we've given away, or eaten, or carved or ...

Well, I suppose to some people it can be alarming. I take a strange kind of pride in its ginormousness. And no, that is not a word, but it still seems right.  See how happy my Dad is?  He grew that HUGE TURNIP.

Giants 1

It's his baby.

Giants 4

Awww!  I know.  But honestly, my Dad has a genius-feel for this gardening thing.  But of course it's more than just his innate abilities with the soil.

Giants 2

Giants 3We think there are four reasons these things grow to giant proportions here at The Cabin Garden:

#1: Fish Emulsion:  We water the garden with water that comes up from the lake... in other words, it's full of fish goo.  And fish goo is goo (hahaha) for plants.

#2: Turkey Manure: Jer-Bear gets his manure from a local farmer, and says it's just the best. It adds important nutrients into the soil.

#3: A Horse History: The garden used to be a horse pasture.  Again, it's all about the poop.

#4: The location of the garden: It's hidden away, so there's a bit of a greenhouse effect in the garden.  It's protected from the wind, it's sunny, and it's warm.

And then of course there's the magical element of gardening that is out of our control: the weather, the seeds... and the mysterious green thumb, where some people have the 'touch' and others don't.  Jer-Bear's one of those people who has the touch.  Lucky for us!

Giants 6

Put all these together?  And, you've got a recipe for how to grow giant produce!