From Cathy's Kitchen: Homemade Grape Syrup

My sweet Mom wrote up a little something after she and my Dad were tinkering around up at the cabin this week.  You should see these two work their magic... Dad bringing in the bountiful harvest, Mom, creating dish after dish.  They are a great team.  So I wanted to pass along Cath's next new bit 'o genius from up at The Cabin Garden: Homemade Grape Syrup. ***********

Last weekend Jer-bear was a busy man picking our many, many new grapes hanging on vines around the hot tub.  The grapes were READY!  For what, we weren't sure, but here goes!

Boiling Grapes We washed them, sorted out the best , and then slowly simmered them with no extra water on the stove.

Grape Jam


We then extracted the syrup using a colander and cheesecloth to get a great juice.

Grape Juice

To keep in the spirit of using only our own garden produce we then went out and inspected our Stevia plant, but ended up using our dried Stevia leaves from August ground up to put in the new GRAPE syrup for pancakes…!

Dried Stevia

The syrup is a bit tart, even with the garden grown Stevia for sweetness, yet very good!  We also will be making some jelly from the remaining grape juice.

Another winner form the garden!