Healthy Kid Snacking - Peas!

Peas Today Jer-Bear asked me to head out into the garden and harvest the peas, as they had overtaken an entire portion of the garden.  I convinced my sweet daughter Maren to come with me, and she, Gramma (Cath) and I spent a good half-hour digging through the pile of vine-y peas–and came away with a bucket full of them!

Peas are fab because they are such a great snacky-snack - especially as a healthy kid snack. When we are up at the cabin, we spend a lot of time snacking. It's sort of just, well, what we do!  So it's good to have a healthy alternative to my mom's unbelievably awesome snack mix (whose calorie count I do not even want to think about).

Harper Not Impressed

The trick is often getting the kiddos to partake in the healthy snacking.  Amiright?  I know I'm not alone in the struggle to feed my kiddos healthy goods. And I waffle in my approach... "You can have a dessert if you eat your veggies"... or, continually just plopping them on their plates in the hopes that they will someday just accidentally eat them (this is wildly unsuccessful in my house)... Or, "You can be done after you try your vegetable" (and they patiently sit at the table, NOT eating their vegetables)... And of course there's the plain 'ol THREATS: "EAT THIS OR MOMMY IS GOING TO SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT."  Just kidding, I don't shove. Ahem.

But my youngest?  She–at least at this point–is a little more open to trying new foods.  And this is what it looked like today:

Harper and Peas

Harper Grabbing Peas

Harper Almost Eating Peas

Harper Eating PeasSTOP THE PRESSES!  MY KID IS EATING A VEGETABLE!  I am convinced it helps to be a part of the whole process, to literally be surrounded by yummy food straight from the Cabin Garden.

Crunchy, sweet, healthy (and eaten).  WIN!