Harvesting Radishes

Radishes 1 A few days ago, as a part of Camp Koering, Jake and Jer-Bear took the kiddos out to see the garden and harvest what was ready to be brought in.  Turns out – as is the 4th of July tradition around here–the radishes like to make an appearance about now, and we like to try and make a thing of it. Jer-Bear took the opportunity to teach the kids about how to see if the radishes are ready to come out…

  1. Push the leafy green leaves aside, which gives you a good view of the vegetable
  2. Can you see any of a red “ball” peeking out?
  3. If you don’t see any red, it’s probably not ready… leave that one be.
  4. If you can see part of the red “ball,” it’s probably ready to come out.
  5. And then just pull!  Voila.

Piece of cake. (Or a tiny little piece of radish, more like.)  So, each kiddo picked three radishes and plopped them into the bucket. Cool!  It warms my mom-heart when the kids get involved.

This is just some raw footage that we were collecting to be a part of the Camp Koering video, but wanted to share because of all the awesome little giggles and squeals of joy.  Take a look:

Harvesting Radishes from Sally K Zimney on Vimeo.