Harvesting Onions

Mason and Onions

This weekend we had a last-minute surprise gathering up at the cabin with some neighbor-friends.  And we put them to work, harvesting onions.


Kids Harvesting Onions

The best thing about onions is that you just pull them out.  And you feel like you did something so cool because - VOILA! - there's an onion!  Look at these cute little buggers (and I'm not just talking about the kiddos).

Cutting Onions

The worst thing about onions is cutting them.   (Right, Niki?)

Niki Crying

There was so much crying!  And smiling.  And crying!

But we keep torturing ourselves with these cuties because they are a staple.  An essential veggie for nearly all dishes.  Seriously - is there another veggie that gets more use?!  I don't think so.

This weekend we made a delicious stew with those little onions...  (I'll post the recipe soon... it's a perfect fall weather recipe!)

Onions in Stew

Onions:  though you make me cry, I love you.