Grain and Garden Recipes


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The memories of Grain and garden recipes bring back the warmth of our rural heritage.  One of the many fortunes of a farming garden is the ongoing fresh garden vegetable eating we experience.

wheel barrow of tomatoes As in the past,  we will share a variety of recipes made from the garden produce. Future recipe posts,  will include: canning with fresh garden produce and baking with field (grains) produce.

IMG_8996 We are fortunate to enjoy some of the best baked breads anywhere! These breads represent the grains from the plentiful grain fields that are part of my garden farming background.  When grain breads recipes are presented, we will look at the grain's qualities.

Blueberry Flax Muffins SubmitWe are looking forward to sharing the various recipes and stories from my grain farm and  garden farming heritage.  Heritage from the farm brings us grain and garden recipes to enjoy and share.  We also welcome your comments and ideas!