Giving Thanks at The Cabin Garden

Tgiving Mom and Kids Thanksgiving at the Cabin.  There was so much to be thankful for!

Tgiving Cutting the Turkey

We had one of those weekends at the cabin where you find yourself randomly falling asleep on the couch because the kiddos are all happily playing together...

Tgiving Quiet Cousins

and you finished off another row of Cathy's delicious Special K bars...

Food comas over Thanksgiving are par for the course.  Food comas at the Cabin over Thanksgiving?  You are powerless over the food coma at the cabin.  It will come to get you, and you will like it.

Tgiving Gma Gpa Kids

Another fun thing about hanging all together at the cabin are the way the cousins play together.  They even made up a wonderful play called "The Perfect Christmas."  It was perfectly imperfect in the best of ways.  They even created their very own "camp" schedule... complete with Voldemort and Bellatrix Camp where you can learn how to defeat their evil ways.  I wanna go!  But it was kids-only.  Lucky them.

Tgiving Camp Skd

We played outside.  We took walks.  We gave the kids brooms and they had fun sweeping like only kids can do.

Tgiving Kids on Ice

There was lots of spontaneous hugging.

Tgiving Cousins

We made cookies.  We ran out of sprinkles.  And we decided not to actually EAT the cookies... (well, the adults decided not to risk eating the cookies), but making them was fun enough.

Tgiving Cookies

We gathered around our HUGE table to fit all 16 of us, and gave thanks... the kids wrote what they were thankful for on their feathers, and then attached them to a cut-out paper turkey.

Tgiving Giving Thanks

Cute, huh?  I had a humbling parent moment when one of the grandkids (not my kiddo) wrote, "I am thankful for this moment right now, because if my parents and this cabin didn't exist, I wouldn't be here."  Wow.  Deep, insightful, heart felt.

Compare that to my sweet offspring who wrote "Tacos."   (...Well, tacos ARE good...)

So I'm grateful for the reminder that parenting is hard, and thankfully kids are cute.  Plus, this story has made many people laugh over the last few days.  So I'm grateful for that, as well.

Tgiving Winter Garden


Truth be told, I am feeling quite grateful for this little blog experiment/storytelling extravaganza called The Cabin Garden.  Just look at that garden.  There's nothing there, and mere weeks ago we were hauling squash away by the trunk-ful.

It's been a wild ride, Cabin Garden, and it's only just begun.

Tgiving TableWe hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.  What were YOU thankful for on that day?