GBS Update & My Recovery


I have sent out to the family and friends an update monthly on my GBS recovery.  I am excited to share the latest update with our "Blog Followers! JerHomeI feel good to be out and about at our lake home in Western Wisconsin. We have set the place up to adjust to my situation.   So much of our family activities happen here in the summer and we wanted to be involved.

We decided to install a chair lift to get to our second floor. The Second floor is home base. The Second Floor has a bathroom and bedroom as well as an office area.   Having that access has been great. We also had a ramp put in for me to get into the home without having to deal with steps and all.   Steps continue to be a task I am not able to master without assistance.

WaterpictureWe also figured out a way for me to get to the lake. We have a slight hill to get there. Something I am yet able to tackle and is difficult with the steeper terrain.

Finally, my entire family has taken on the task to continue our tradition to have a family garden. My family has been terrific in offering time and energy to get it going and care take it. I am unable to get down on my knees and weed or keep things in order. Getting down on my knees would be hard enough but getting up would be a real task! Thanks to family for helping this tradition. We should have great tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and several other vegetables. “You can leave the farm but you don’t take the farm out of you.”

IMG_0073I enjoy the feeling of growing and care taking. It has been a great gift to have this continue.I have come a long ways since I last sent a note to all of you. I can now lift my legs in marching style and have more flexibility in leg agility. I am able to walk without a walker in areas that are safe. I am learning to walk outside on grass with walking sticks. They are safer than any other aid. It is slow to master.

Dad & SallyBeing in the water is a great deal for me. I find water therapy an excellent way to build up my strength as well as just feels d>>> good. Thanks to family, I am enjoying the lake more than I would have ever imagined in past experience.  I am continuing my therapies at Region’s Rehab Center through the month of August.  I have found the therapy a great opportunity to learn how to deal with my limitations and work around issues.

I feel fortunate to be moving along as I am in my improvement in strength and all. I know it is still quite a journey and realize limitations as I try some things that just are not there.  I am limited in strength and stamina. The therapists believe I am at about 30-40% of my potential strength. I have encountered issues that verify my limits.


I also have to always watch where I am walking. Any object in my path could cause me to lose my balance. I have noted several times the feeling that I was about to fall and fortunately holding on to something kept me ok. Good news is that one or two months ago, I would have fallen. My balance is much better.


When I read about others that have GBS. I know that it could have been much worse for me. I am grateful to all for the support and especially my patient wife, Cathy.     We have had countless roadblocks to overcome and her help and support has been a great strength for me.  I want to also emphasize my family and everyone’s support. All of you have helped me along the way.

It has been a good month in my growth in strength and balance. I plan to continue my workouts and focus to keep this going.   Thanks to all of you for all you do to help it happen.

Happy Fourth!