Garlic Crust Grill Pizza

  Garlic Crust Pizza 1 We eat a LOT of pizza in this house.  Way more than we probably should, but it's one of the few meals that my entire family will eat.  All 5 of us (6, if you include our dog Sky and the scraps she inevitably gets from the kiddos). My picky eaters rejoice when it's pizza night!  And so do I, honestly.  Pizza!

Garlic Crust Pizza 4

So my very savvy-in-the-kitchen husband made this homemade garlic crust grill pizza I thought HEY, THIS IS EVEN KIND OF HEALTHY!  I CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS PIZZA!  Which is a major bonus when you eat it oh-so-often.

He was inspired by all the garden veggies we had sitting around... the onions and the peppers, and the TOMATOES (oh lawd, the tomatoes).  Sounds like we need to make something Italian, amIright?

Garlic Crust Pizza 2

And it was soo good!  Sometimes the grill pizzas are tough to get right... it's really easy to burn them on the bottom before you feel like you've got it right on the top of the pizza.  And a burnt pizza will turn off even my most devoted pizza-eating kiddos.

Here's the basic dough recipe that Andy likes to use, from All Recipes.  Thanks to Doug, whoever you are!  It's a good one. Most dough recipes are about the same - but this one calls for adding garlic and basil in the crust - and wow, how can you go wrong there?!  (You can't.)

Everybody goes about their pizza-making in different ways.  And Andy's a great cook, with some varying approaches to this Garlic Crust Grill Pizza...  So, here are some tricks to getting it right, from the hubby:

Trick 1: Sautée Your Veggies First

"I like to cook my veggies a bit in a skillet first, especially the onions and mushrooms.  10-15 mins in a hot oven or grill is great for a perfectly cooked crust, but I find it often leaves the veggies a little under-cooked.  Use a medium-hot skillet with some olive oil just below the smoke point.  Sprinkle on some kosher salt--and cook until they start to brown at the edges--then spread them across your pizza.  (Note: no need to add your fresh tomato slices to the skillet–they'll just turn into extra sauce.)"

Garlic Crust Pizza 5

Trick 2: Add in some Parmesan!

"Everyone thinks to sprinkle mozzarella on their 'za, but think about adding some parmesan or another hard cheese as well.  It brings a somewhat richer flavor and browns a little faster than the mozzarella giving some great texture to the dish."

Trick 3: Use Tomato Paste!

"Any quality tomato sauce will work on your pizza (especially if you have homemade sauce around), but I find most sauces are a little watery for spreading across pizza dough.  Instead, try using your favorite tomato paste.  You can spread it thinly, while still having a lot of flavor–and your dough stays firm and bready–not soggy."

(Thanks, Andy!)

Andy mentioned the fresh tomato slices and the veggies - from the garden! - that we like to pile on our pizza.  Here's our favorite combo:  onions, baby bella mushrooms, red and green peppers, pepperoni, with sliced tomatoes.  YUM!

Pizza night, anyone?

Garlic Crust Pizza 3