Gardening Tips: How to Thin Out Your Plans


Beet GreensI set out into the garden the other day to get some pictures and video for the July update, and Jer-Bear started explaining the simple (but still new to me!) process of thinning out your plants so the remaining vegetables will thrive.

Here's a simple gardening tip to thin out your plants:

  1. Focus in on the plants you know need thinning... find a bunch that are growing close together.
  2. Pull the smallest 1 or 2 of the bunch, so that the remaining plants have more room to grow.
  3. Use what you harvested!  Even those beautiful leafy Beet Greens!  (Later this week I'll post a yummy beet salad recipe from this harvest... )  Leave the rest in the ground to keep growing... but keep an eye on them, because if they get too large they get "woody."

We walked away with a bucket filled with beets, and their huge, leafy greens–and fodder for a how-to video.  Voila!

And here's the thing: you never know what you'll learn when you walk out into the garden with Jer-Bear.  Certainly, I am learning a ton about how to garden, how to harvest, when to harvest, how to utilize all this amazing good-for-you food...

But there are also other great lessons sprinkled into this adventure, too.  Lessons that have little to do with gardening, and a lot to do with plain-old-crazy-life.  After Jer-Bear explained how to thin out the plants, one of the gifts of this big garden got caught on film...

Lessons from Jer-Bear July 2013 from Sally K Zimney on Vimeo.