Gardening Meditation

Early-Aug-Garden-2013 I took a quick trip up to the cabin this weekend because my Dad said the garden was suddenly bustling with goods.  And, well, I just didn't want to miss it!  I have found myself yearning for the quiet of the garden.

Relax at the Lake

The mornings when I'm up there–and the kids are occupied enough–I sneak out into the garden, wander through the rows a bit, and settle into a section to pull some weeds.  It is so quiet.  And in that moment, it is almost sacred. My gardening meditation. Quiet does not come easily in my life.  I have three kids; they are noisy; I am a talker; I work with talkers; I even have a hard time being with my own quiet little thoughts.  But in the garden?  In the garden I am re-discovering the quiet. And I need it. The sound of sing-songy birds, and then pretty much nothing else.  Ahhhhh.... In the middle of a crazy week,  I cannot wait to get out there again.

I am here to "help" my Dad.  But really?  I am helping myself.

Butterfly Touch