Garden Vegetable Recipe Goodies

For the last several weeks, I've been coming home from the cabin with lots and lots of goodies.  But the reality is that what I bring home - usually a load that looks something like this - harvest2

is still about 1/100th of what I COULD take.  I'm doing my best to pawn it off on friends, co-workers, neighbors and, of course, my own family!

And I just LOVE to hear about what is created from the garden!  It's one of the wonderful things about this venture: that we create something in the garden, share it with others, and then they create from it, and share it with their family, or a friend, or a loved one, or even just themselves. It keeps on giving!  And when I see what people have made, it feels kind of like we were a part of it.  I love that.

So I want to share with you some of those fabulous garden vegetable recipes that we were a part of (pictures taken by each of these awesome chefs).  I don't have the specifics of the recipes for them... yet.  But just look at these lovely plates:

Kesiah - who is a foodie herself - took a load of veggies from work and made this sweet little salad.  So fresh, so simple. Lets the veggies speak for themselves. Tomatoes, onions, cukes, oil, salt and pepper.  Yum!


Or how about my neighbor, Linda.  She is an amazing cook.  She's also spent some time up at the cabin, so she harvested these goodies herself.  First: tomatoes, basil, mozzarella... classic awesomeness.

Linda Tomatoes and Basil

And then there's this gorgeous little ditty:  Ratatouille.  (Just an FYI: I tried to spell that word unsuccessfully about three times before I finally looked it up. Ratatoille?  Ratatoilee? Ratahtooee!)  What an amazing dish to use up so many garden vegetables.  And look how pretty it is!Linda Ratatouille

And of course there's my mom... who did some of this:

roasted tomatoes

And LOTS of this:

Pickled CukesAnd this:

Green Garden Salad


and of course... more tomatoes... so there was this:

Caprese Salad


I know many of you are in the midst of canning and salsa-creating... so that's up next for me - to share with you our Pickles recipe.  Because they're really so darn pretty.  And of course, what else can you do with all of those cucumbers???

In the meantime, keep sending me pics of what you're doing with your veggies!  Have a garden vegetable recipe that you want to share?  Let me know!  I'll post it here for you. Until then, I will keep eating tomatoes.  KEEP. EATING. TOMATOES!