Garden Tales


I am starting a new post! top 5 ways to prep your gardenMy farming background provided me with many garden tales.   Some may say these tales or theories were based on little scientific proof.  That may be, but they seemed to work!  My Parents had an excellent reputation in farming and gardening.  Their success in their field production and garden produce are well known.

I had an earlier post sighting the qualities of poultry manure (Organic Fertilizer-Choose-Poultry Manure).  Much of my experience regarding this belief came from our raising chickens and placing the poultry manure on our family garden every fall.  I believe the quality of poultry manure compost is  a proven "old wives' tale".

Three Turkeys                 photo credit: street turkeys in a row <a href=""(license)

In future posts, I will relate other garden stories. I welcome your sharing your stories in the comment section.