Garden Farming: A Part of My Soul


  Giants 4

I must confess, when it comes to planning a garden, I often can’t stop myself.  It is in my blood to want to try more, do more and buy too much. I find this a hard thing to explain to my family. Last winter (2014) I found this cool shirt that said it all.


My heritage from a garden farming background has created an inner curiosity to try things.   I find myself drooling over pages in garden catalogs imagining each and every plant or seed growing in my garden.  I want to try every type of tomato plant, hot pepper and carrot variety just to name a few!!

photo 4 I thought it would be fun to take some time posting many of these varieties I have tried and tried and sometimes failed to get an edible produce. Each future post will center on a vegetable, flower or some unusual garden item I wanted to try out in the cabin garden.

Last Harvest 5 What about you?   Is the gardening and farming "fever" part of you?  Share your stories with us.