Eating Real Food

greenbeans1 This morning, on our way to the cabin, we stopped at the bakery to get the kiddos a donut.  Because, you know, why not?  It's summer (FINALLY) and I raised my voice a few too many times this morning trying to get out the door and it's a special treat and who doesn't like donuts?!  I love donuts. It was a happy three minutes... until the dog ATE said donut.  *Sigh.*

But I'm trying to eat REAL food this summer. Trying to avoid the processed gunk (chocolate donuts notwithstanding).  Trying to eat more vegetables and fruit and protein and delicious fats like nuts and avocados.  Trying to see if maybe changing my diet helps with the aforementioned hormonally-induced yelling thing I do.  Ahem.

And I don't know about you, but I'm swimming in the seas of confusion about what real food even is.  I stand in the grocery aisle thinking... oh Lord, I have no idea what to feed this family of picky eaters... guess we'll do hot dogs on the grill (again!)... and as if the idea of feeding my family hot dogs isn't bad enough, I go to grab the hot dog buns and realize that I should do the wheat buns (healthier, right?), except that now wheat is NOT healthy, so is it better to eat the fakey evil white bun, or the fakey evil wheat bun?  (I know, I know, NO bun; but explain that to my 8-year old, would you?)  I don't know. Or, is it better for me to get more fruit and veggies, even if they're not organic? - or less fruits and veggies since it's so darn expensive and go only organic.  There's milk (hello hormones) and soy (bad! all of the sudden! bad!) and almond milk (good?, maybe, it depends on so many things) and coconut oil (really good! right?) and canola oil (used to be really healthy but now is basically poison). It seems to change and evolve way faster than I can keep up with.  And I worry that in 5 years they'll be telling us how bad all of the things I think are good now, like the trick ya'll just played on me with whole wheat.  I. Just. Don't. Know.

But I'm trying!  I'm one of those 80/20 people - nothing too dramatic or extreme.  Everything in moderation, right?  And whatever line of thinking I follow from one day to the next, there are a few things that everyone has in common:  Eat more vegetables.  Eat more lean protein. Eat more REAL FOOD, more of the time.  80/20!

And thankfully it doesn't take any expert to tell me that THIS is real food:


And this:


And this:


And I am super excited to watch the garden grow this year, harvest it, and make real food from it.  And then share it with you, of course.

Now if you'll excuse me, my mom's famous special K bars are calling me.  (80/20, people... 80/20...)