Drying Harvested Herbs

Along with pretty much everything else, the herbs in our sweet little herb garden are taking off. Indoor Herb Garden And, like everything else, we are doing a lot of planning/canning/storing/freezing to utilize all of this awesome harvest.  Here's some news: I wasn't aware that you can dry and keep your own herbs!  I mean, of course you can!  Someone does it–somewhere out there–and then puts them in one of those cute little plastic containers, stacks them on some shelves at the store and then I buy them.

HAHAHAHA.  Lucky for me that is not the only way it happens. (DUH. But I forget these things because, well, I've been buying them for many a year and we get used to just doing that.)  Nope. Cath brought home some of those cute little containers, too.  Hahahaha, grocery store; I don't need you quite yet.


She took that beautiful basket of herbs, brought out a sweet little pestle (just had to look up how exactly you spell that), and made stacks and stacks of these cuties. It was so simple, and the house smelled ridiculously good.

 The only challenge was keeping track of what exactly kind of herb it was... Ahem.


You can dry herbs, too!  Don't let all those amazing smells go to waste.  It's too easy not to.

Here's a great overview of how to harvest your herbs, thanks to Better Homes & Gardens. But here's the process of how to dry your herbs and make the most of them, according to my awesome Mama and pro kitchen lady, Cathy:

1.  When your plants are robust (but not yet gone to seed), snip a bunch and bring them inside.  (As you probably know, snipping them also encourages more growth!  So don't be shy about it.)

2.  Rinse them by soaking them in your kitchen sink, filled with water.  Be gentle... some are more fragile than others.

3.  Give them an initial drying by putting them in a salad spinner, or just gently patting them dry with a towel.

4.  Then, using kitchen string, tie a bunch together, and hang them upside down in a shaded and cool part of the house.

Dried Herbs

Once they are dry:

1.  Strip the leaves from the stem.

2.  Store them in an air-tight container...

3.  Label carefully.

And breathe deeply.  Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm.  Sooo good.