Companion Planting: Corn and Green Beans

Last week, my parents had some of their college friends up to the cabin, where they took the obligatory walk out to the garden to see what the fuss was all about.  And much of their conversation turned to something my Dad has been experimenting with a lot this summer: Companion Planting. Jer in the Corn

The idea of companion planting is to pair together different plants that aid in each other’s growth.  Sometimes shoring up the other’s weaknesses, even.  Kind of like teaming up Spock with Jim Kirk.  (Ummm, HELLO, I just watched the Star Trek sequel and I loved it so much that I cannot promise this will be the last Star Trek reference in this post.)


Anyway.  Sorry about that.  EXCEPT THAT I'M NOT.  I mean, look at these two:

star trek hands

Ok, back on track.  Companion Planting!

We'll be sharing some of Jer-Bear's Companion Planting pairings that he experimented with this summer, and how it's working.  Some pairings have been wildly successful; some have been pretty good; and then there are a few flops out there.  Again, not so different from Star Trek.  Ahem.

Today, we want to start with the pairing of green beans and corn, mostly because it's just sooo cool!  Look at this:

Green Beans and Corn

The green beans wrap themselves up the stalks of corn, creating not only a handy place for the beans to grow, but a lovely picture.  But it's more than just a convenient pairing; the beans help anchor the corn more firmly in its place. They also provide more nitrogen in the soil - which is great for the corn.

And finally - it helps keep the 'coons away!  Not that we have any racoons. But just in case.

Green Beans and Corn 2

You know what else we should do, just in case?  WATCH STAR TREK AGAIN.  Just sayin.