Companion Planting: Basil and Tomatoes

CG Tomato Basil 1 This IS the ultimate match-up, amiright?  I mean... Once these babies are out of the garden, you can hardly use one without the other.  Soups, sauces, appetizers, Italian eggbakes!... If it's Italian, you're using both of these ingredients.  They belong together. Which is why it makes so much sense that they benefit each other in the GARDEN, as well.  So, to continue our companion planting series, we'll look at how basil and tomatoes complement each other!

CG Tomato Basil 2

Jer-Bear - our amazing gardener (and Dad! - whose birthday is today!) has this to say about this classic pairing, and why you might want to plant tomatoes and basil near each other:

1)   Basil has characteristics that repel insects that effect tomato plants.  Basil is recommended all over the garden for all types of's advantages can help all plants' quality of growth.

2)   Basil has an aroma that becomes part of the flavor of the tomato... I have had several comments that these tomatoes are the best flavored tomatoes they have ever eaten.  The tomatoes are sweeter and have a great cooking flavor.

CG Tomato Basil 4

3)   Basil's enhanced aroma provides a pleasant atmosphere in the garden.  Many visitors remark how great our tomato garden smells...Tomato plant aroma is not as pleasant a smell, basil adds a pleasing scent to the garden.

So - it's a triple-threat:

CG Tomato Basil 3

Basil provides a protection to the plant's growth and vitality as well as adds a great flavor to their fruit. AND creates a positive aroma to the garden scene.

And, let me (Sally) just say this to my Dad - Jer-Bear - the person who is most responsible for this amazing garden... Congrats to you, my Dad - On an amazing-smelling garden, incredibly sweet and juicy tomatoes, and creating a legacy of love that every day I try and live up to.  It's your birthday today.  Happy birthday, Dad.  I love you!

Giants 1

Now, I don't know about you, but I feel like making something Italian...