Coming Back After GBS


Hello!  This is “Jer Ber,”  fondly named by my daughter.  

I am the “Captain” of The Cabin Garden ship.  My role the past four years has been to plan, work and oversee most of the aspects of the garden production.

photo 4

As you've noticed, it's been pretty quiet around this blog lately. Part of that is because Sally, the one who has done a lot of the writing and creating of this blog, is busy creating her own podcast and blog (called This Moved Me) on the art of public speaking. It's been a busy and great year for her!

But the quiet is also due to the fact that in January I was suddenly unable to use my arms and legs, and kept falling. I ended up in the hospital for five weeks for treatment of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), an auto-immune disease that attacks your nerves, disabling your muscles, rendering me essentially paralyzed. I am now (and have been) in a rehabilitation transition care facility, where I'll likely be recovering for the next few months. 

Jer Bear GBS

(Here I am, in the first month of the disease, standing with help.)

The good news: this disease reverses itself, and I am improving each week. I am coming back from GBS!

The bad news: the reversal process is slow, and the level to which I will recover is unknown.

And that leaves us with a big question:

What are we going to do with my beloved, and demanding, Cabin Garden? 

This is my twelfth week of therapy. The present diagnosis is continuing care into the summer.  So, I can walk with a walker with limits, depending on terrain and also the level of the land.  No stairs and unleveled walkways...YET!  The reality with all of this is that there will be no hands and knees in the garden this summer!!

The experts are optimistic that with time I will overcome most of the issues….BUT in the meantime:  HOW DO YOU HANDLE A GARDEN AND NOT DO MOST OF THE LABOR??  The next few weeks will be time to work through the options we have for The Cabin Garden in 2015.  Though it will be different, The Cabin Garden is still very much a part of our lives.

grandkids at cabin

(Here, Cathy and I pose with some of our grandkids last summer, before GBS hit.)

Stay tuned for discussions on: 

  • What must be done, even if your garden goes fallow  
  • Alternatives to hands-on gardening  
  • Exploring some "old-wives tales" (this disease has me thinking back a lot to my farming days, and my mom and dad)  
  • What we can learn from farming
  • What has worked for us in the past
  • What hasn't worked
  • And, of course, recipes of all kinds. My amazing wife, Cathy, continues to use all the goodies from the garden in her delicious cooking, and we'll continue to share it with all of you.

And so we begin a new chapter for our beloved garden... 

Thanks for joining us here, for your support, and for continuing on with us in this journey!