The Cabin Garden Is Back!


We are back! This has been a winter of adjustments and decisions regarding the garden. I have decided with agreement from family that we are going at the program of gardening in a big way. First of all, the size will be back to a 95 by 80 foot garden. The size is back to what it was before I was hit with Guillain-Barre.   I have some other plans I will start to share now and in future posts.

PrecultivatingFirst of all, last fall I had the garden covered with compost and than had the compost cultivated under to provide a rich base of quality soil for the cabin garden 2016. In early May, I will have the garden worked up again.


I have also decided to work on ridding my garden of weeding (at least some) by laying the entire garden with a black fabric that should hold down most of the weeds.  When I do this process I will share the process with you in a post with pictures.


I have also decided to start the majority of my plants with seed. Why? First of all, it is interesting and just feels good to raise your own plants. Secondly, I will save money by getting many more plants. I also plan to sell the extras to "customers in the area" thru local ads on the grocery store sale board.

IMG_0751I have spent time researching the seed options and the best seeds to plant in my area. I also have studied the timing for planting your seeds indoors and outdoors.  I will share the reasoning for these decisions as I post an ongoing story of our cabin garden 2016.

My first post will share how I set up the procedures to plant seeds indoors.  As I indicated to a member of my family…”planting seeds and raising seedlings, is like having babies”…you are on duty all the time!”

More later!