Basil Pesto with Spinach

Spinach Pesto 2 So this was an accidental awesome find. (This story reveals a lot about what I'm like in the kitchen.)

I went up to the cabin last week to get a load of goods from the garden. I came home with a ginormous and insanely-awesome smelling basil plant (well, actually, just a chunk of it because it was so huge) - because I wanted to make some pesto.  I LOVE me some pesto!

Off I went, making the pesto!

Pull off the leaves... soak them in water... get out the food processor... dry the leaves... shove a bunch of leaves in the food processor... douse them with really good parmesan cheese... throw in a bunch of garlic... some walnuts (I like it with walnuts instead of pine nuts) and some about some more because salt is awesome and most people supposedly under-salt (I read that somewhere) so yeah, MORE- oh dear, was that too much?... BUT WAIT - OH NO! THERE'S NO NEED FOR SALT!  CHEESE IS SALTY!  WALNUTS ARE SALTY! - OH NOOOOO!  

But it was too late.  I over-salted (by salting at all) my pesto.  Oh crap.

Spinach Pesto 4

I was about to throw it all out when Andy said to me, "Just add a bunch more basil in there." Uhh... I scrounged for more in our little plant out back.  Ok, better.  But still too salty. Neighbors?  Neighbors gave me more.  Whoo boy, helloooo basil.

At this point, I have a HUGE batch of too-salty pesto.

Now what?  Andy pulled out a big bag of spinach and said, "Add this."  So I did.

Spinach Pesto 3

And guess what?  It was a perfectly seasoned, extra-green, extra-healthy yummy basil pesto with spinach!  You can dig into this pesto with abandon because you are EATING A LEAFY GREEN WITH LOTS OF VITAMINS. And no one would ever know. (If I could get my kids to eat pesto, this would be an awesome way to sneak in some more spinach.)

I would add an official recipe here, but it's so simple - and so dependent on how cheesy or walnut-y or garlic-y or thick you like your pesto.  So, take your regular basil pesto recipe, like:

  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Roasted Walnuts
  • Olive Oil


Spinach Pesto

Then taste, and adjust to your liking.  Just watch that whole salt thing.