August Garden Update

Cabin Garden Partial View Aug 13 Oh people.  There's just so much.  SO MUCH!  It's really hard to describe how huge and prolific this garden is.  Family and friends who come to visit - even if they're following this little blog - are blown away by what's happening out here.  I don't blame them.

Jer Bear in the Corn

I love that my Dad quietly started this garden, only mentioning to us off-hand once... "Oh, I've started this little garden..."  Like, no big deal, right?  Right.  And then a few weeks later, he invited us across the street to this "garden" where we expected to see - I dunno - a 10 by 10 foot plot of lovely plants growing.  But no.  What we found was a FARM.  We were stunned.  And that's the general reaction we get from people when they walk out to this truly beautiful - and huge - garden.

Harper Harvesting Radishes

Clearly, we in the Koering family rarely do things half-way.  Go big or go bigger.  So, in an attempt to bring this home a bit more to you - here's our August Garden Update:

Cabin Garden full view

It is harvesting season.  And we are trying desperately to keep up.  Every few days - since the kids are back in school and I cannot jet off to the cabin as often - my Dad drops off another cooler filled with tomatoes, onions, squash, zucchini, etc.  I've made soups and egg bakes and salsas and canned stewed tomatoes and cucumber salsa and pizza and salads and anything else I can think of.  There's more coming, too.

Cabin Garden Aug Harvest

I have about 30 recipes waiting for me to write up and post pictures about.  I have hundreds and hundreds of lovely pictures of this garden. I have more zucchinis than I know what to do with, and have tried about seven different zucchini recipes - and still have two HUGE zucchinis sitting on my countertop waiting for me to do something with them.  My neighbors no longer wave at me when they see me walking down the street with a bag full of vegetables.  HEY NEIGHBOR! WAIT! WHY ARE YOU WALKING AWAY SO FAST LIKE THAT?? DON'T YOU WANT ANY MORE TOMATOES?!?!

Cherry Tomato

I think I'm a bit overwhelmed with it all, actually.  I am really enjoying telling this story, but I can't keep up with it at the moment.  Which is exactly how my parents feel up at the cabin, as they load in another barrel of produce every 4 hours.

radishes 3

But this is a great problem to have.  We are giving away what we can't give away to food shelves, which is awesome.  I am saving recipes and photos and stories to tell as the year goes on.  I am enjoying the connection with my Mom - the chef - and my Dad - the gardener - and my neighbors - the partners in crime in trying to use up this produce and make delicious food from it.

Tomatoes on the Vine

I haven't finished the video tour that I've been working on, but I will. I will!  I don't know when, but I will.  Until then, here's a few more pics of what's going on up at the Cabin Garden:

Kids in the Garden


Emmet with a tomato

Lettuce in the Garden


The Path to the Cabin Garden

Tomato Harvest