Ask Jer-Bear: Tips on Growing Kohlrabi

We've had some wonderful response to an old recipe on the blog that Cath made - the Kohlrabi Ham Bake - which inspired some comments and questions about how to successfully grow Kohlrabi. Corrine commented,

Growing up in Central MN we always had Kohlrabi in the garden. When they were medium size, we peeled them and ate them raw. I have never heard of them being cooked, but this recipe sound[s] interesting. Even though my Mother always had good luck growing them, I have not. So if you have any tips you can share on that subject, would love to hear them.

Growing Kohlrabi

Here are Jer-Bear's tips on growing kohlrabi:

1)  It is a demanding plant. It will want a good amount of rain and good drainage.  It grows best in sunlight that is not intense. Maybe close to taller plants to screen out some of the sun.

2)  Plant in soil that is heavier in compost.

3)  Companion Planting - I have read that it is attracted to onions, beets and plants with stronger aroma. That seems to work well for me. I've also read that they like cucumbers, but I have not tried that one yet.

4) Harvest Early - Do not let the size get away from you...I would suggest harvesting when the Kohlrabi ball is no larger than midsize.

5)  Move Locations - It is also suggested that always plant Kohlrabi in a different area each year - true of most of the cabbage family and several other groups.

6)  Stick With It! - They are not an easy plant to grow..some would say it is easier to buy at the store than the labor involved in being a care taker of kohlrabi..but I will say the taste of fresh garden kohlrabi in a special dish is tough to resist!  PS...I especially like it creamed and served separately.

Thanks, Jer-Bear! What about you?  What tips have worked with YOU in growing Kohlrabi?  Any other advice for Corrine?