Ask Jer-Bear: How Many Fruits and Vegetables Do Your Grow?


For those of you who are new here, we have in our midst a bonafide green-thumb, former farmer, who can grow ginormous and wonderful vegetables and plants.  This is my adorable Dad: Giants 1

A few years ago, Jer-Bear (Jerry) decided that in his semi-retirement, he would build a garden across from our cabin in Wisconsin.  [You can read more about this evolution here.]

We said, "Great idea, Dad! Go for it."  And then a few months later, we walked across the street to the hidden garden and our jaws DROPPED. It was huge. It was prolific. He had built something amazing - an oasis - and it's too awesome not to share.

Jer Bear in the Corn

So we started this little blog. And have slowly begun to share our (Jer-Bear's!) expertise. Because Jer-Bear has a gift with gardening, and perhaps we can be helpful to people who also love to garden, grow great food, and truly enjoy the familial experience of a place like this.

So we invited you to send in your questions on our Ask Jer-Bear page.  And you did!  And Jer-Bear has answered.

Here's our first question:  How many fruits and vegetables do you grow?

Jer-Bear: Our Cabin Garden dimensions for 2013 were 110 feet by 100 feet.  I had a perennial side 8 Feet by 110 Feet.  That included asparagus, variety of herbs, strawberries, rhubarb and 4 new fruit trees.

The remaining garden of 102 Feet by 100 feet included:

  • 3 Ornamental seed groups
  • 20 Flower seed varieties
  • 4 Bulb Varieties (including potatoes as a bulb)
  • 58 Vegetable Seed Varieties
  • 25 Vegetable plant Varieties

Obviously WAY too much. I now know how alcoholics my case I cannot stop choosing garden items!   

My goal in 2014 is to be choosy, selective and more organized!

I am increasing the size of the garden to 140 feet by 120 feet and allowing more space for walkways, and rows that are further apart.

Lets hope I stick to that...


Thanks, Jer-Bear!  Last week, Michele posted about the top 5 things you can do to prep your garden during the winter months, and so much of it is about planning.  This is a great time to dream and plan and visualize WARMER weather, GREEN plants and abundance of fruits and veggies... sounds pretty dreamy right about now.

Please send us more questions!  We'd love to hear from you.