April - The Month of Random Holidays (Happy Walking Day!)

It’s April! And I would show you a picture of a flower or something, but it's about to snow, like, a FOOT, or some other ridiculous amount.  So, the flowers are still hiding.  And so are we!  It's "Spring Break" in my house.  The day I got to stay home and play spring break with my kids this week, it rained.  So we went to the library.

photo copy 2

I mean... it was relaxed and peaceful (look at that cute kid, reading his heart out!), which is no small feat... but it wasn't "spring break" like I imagined.  It's certainly not "spring break" in the sense of flying south to wiggle my toes in the warm sand and frolic in the ocean kind of "spring break"...

But we did our best to put a happy (delirious?!) spin on it.  This is what spring break in Minnesota looks like:

photo copy

Ok, in the hopes that spring will someday show itself - let's talk about April.  It's already April 3, and I haven't told you what we'll be focusing on this month!  So, let's review:

January we focused on soups. Yum. Our most popular were: our Beer Mac-N-Cheese Soup, and our Potato, Parsnip & Apple Soup, and our Skinny Clam Chowder - which was crazy delicious...

Potato Parsnip and Apple Soup

And in February, since there were so many party-worthy things going on, we focused on party food.  You seemed to really like the CAbi Corn Dip and the Beer-Baked Onion Rings. I mean, who wouldn't?!

Beer Baked Onion Rings

In March, we focused on food that we could make with our stewed tomatoes - because at this point in the year we’re desperate for that “fresh” taste - and wow, there is so much we can do with those tomatoes!  Like our Spaghetti Squash Mexican Lasagna, and our Skinny Tomato & Zucchini SoupSkinny Tomato and Zucchini Soup

 And now it’s April.  It’s time to start thinking about the garden in a much more serious way.  And guess what I found??

I found this hilarious list of random holidays pertaining to food from the garden, thanks to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Food, Nutrition and Health page:

And, as if National HoliDAYS weren't enough - we've got some National Holi-WEEKS!

So, I’m going to use the above as a little guide this month.  (Reallllly excited about Raisin Day. Hmmm.)  Some of it is food from the garden!  Some of it is about the garden!  Some of it has nothing to do with anything (raisins)... But it shall be fun.

So - Happy Public Health Week! (My public health tip for you?  Walk more!  (Practically a fitness expert, I am.)

And, Happy Walking Day!  HEY!  See what I did there?!  (I went on a run this morning. That's just a fast form of walking, right?  And, really, at the pace I was running, you could just as easily call it speed-walking.... so CHECK.)

Up next: We'll share with you what Jer-Bear's got going in his planning of the garden!  Because EVENTUALLY spring and summer will come... right?????