a little veggie google searching

On Saturday, before heading up to the cabin for our week over the fourth, we spent the day celebrating a family wedding.  The sweet couple was so happy, and we danced all night.  It was HOT (but hey, it's better than rain!) - and it was so lovely.

And then, we enjoyed  a delicious chicken or beef (or kid-meal) dinner... with these odd little veggies...

There was one person at my table who knew what these cute little veggies were, and it turns out they're baby squash.  Who knew?!  I didn't.  Maybe we have no business doing a gardening blog when we couldn't recognize a vegetable, but I swear to you these were unknown to 98% of us.

So, here's the dealio on these cuties:

They are also known as "Pattypan Squash" - or Patty-Pan... which gets it name, from, you guessed it, their resemblance to a pan that you might saute a patty in.  Or, Button Squash, White Squash, Scallopini... (We came up with "little flying saucer veggies," but it doesn't quite roll off the tongue.)

Here's a good close-up look at them:

They are adorable.  Plus, they're considered "fine cuisine."  Who knew?!   (I am finding myself saying that a lot on this thing.)

Once we finally get to doing some recipes on here, I think we might have to try a Baby Squash Kabob recipe.  Yes?  Yes.